The Pakistani man Princess Diana wanted to marry after her divorce

Princess Diana ‘s former lover, Dr Hasnat Khan, has spoken out to criticise the film Diana , which portrays the Princess’s love affair with the Pakistani doctor. The heart surgeon, 54, has said that the film, starring Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews, is based entirely “on hypotheses and gossip” and has vowed never to watch it. A still image from the film showing the actors side by side at the London hospital where they met was enough to convince the heart surgeon it would entirely misrepresent their relationship, he said. It is all based on hypotheses and gossip. There wasn’t any hierarchy in our relationship. She wasn’t a princess and I wasn’t a doctor. Hasnat has also denied producer’s claims that he gave the film, which will premiere in London’s West End on September 5, “tacit acceptance”, adding, “It is a complete lie. I have never given any approval. In the interview titled, ‘The Grandmother Prince George Never Knew’, Jemima says Diana sought her advice on her romance with the heart surgeon, who she dated from until , during fundraising trips to Lahore.

Princess Diana Had to Break Up With the Love of Her Life — And He Wasn’t Prince Charles

Princess Diana was so deeply in love with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan that she kept a copy of the Koran by her bedside and even contemplated moving to Pakistan with him, a newspaper reported on Saturday. And she began her affair with Dodi al Fayed, who was killed in a car crash along with her in August , only to make Khan jealous, the Daily Mail said. And she discussed what life would be like for her in Pakistan with her friend Jemima Khan, who had married the country’s cricketing hero Imran Khan – a marriage that was later to break up,” the paper reported.

It said Diana suddenly plunged into an affair with Dodi, son of the Egyptian-born owner of Harrods Mohamed al Fayed, after Hasnat Khan told her the only way for them to have a successful married life was if they moved to Pakistan.

There had been rumours for some time that Diana had been dating a heart surgeon after developing an obsession with heart surgery and.

By Sebastian Shakespeare for the Daily Mail. Princess Diana described Hasnat Khan as ‘Mr Wonderful’ and friends said the heart surgeon was the love of her life. Now, Khan, 57, hopes to have found the love of his life. I hear he has become engaged to a beautiful Muslim woman many years his junior. She is understood to be called Somi Sohail and accompanied him to a ball in London ‘s Mayfair this weekend held by the charity Chain of Hope. We are delighted for him.

The surgeon shared an intimate relationship with Diana until just months before her death in Princess Diana described Hasnat Khan pictured left as ‘Mr Wonderful’ and friends said the heart surgeon was the love of her life.

Princess Diana was ‘madly in love’ with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan

By Alice Philipson. Diana wanted to marry the doctor, with whom she had a two-year relationship, and secretly met his family in Pakistan to discuss the possibility of a union, according to Jemima. She is understood to have told two other friends that she wanted a daughter with the eminent surgeon. Jemima disclosed that Diana visited her twice in Pakistan to help fund-raise for the hospital where her former husband Imran Khan — a distant cousin of Diana’s lover — worked.

The secret Princess Diana doctor romance. In the programme, it is claimed that Hasnat Khan, a surgeon of Pakistani descent who worked in.

In gift shops, you can buy a Princess Diana memorial tartan. But perhaps the best-known monument to the late Princess can be found in the basement of Harrods department store, which was, from to , owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Al Fayed, with whom Diana had her last fling. Mohamed Al Fayed has attempted to preserve a similarly lasting impression of his version of the relationship between Diana and his late son. Mohamed, a self-styled enemy of the British establishment, has long maintained that Dodi was murdered by the British secret service, as part of a conspiracy involving members of the royal family, because he was a Muslim about to marry the mother of a future King of England.

The inquest had had to await the completion of a French police investigation, which lasted until , and of an independent follow-on British police investigation, which began in With some success, Diana worked hard to keep the press away from Khan. No monument recalls their romance. He was as understated as Dodi was flashy, as remote as Dodi was public, as somber as Dodi was carefree. Though they were together for two years, Diana and Hasnat were largely unknown as a couple.

They spent much of their time together in Kensington Palace, where they could avoid the paparazzi and their cameras. Hasnat Khan has been described as a serious man. More specifically, at the time he met Diana, he was a modestly paid junior surgeon employed by the National Health Service. He worked hour weeks and, like most surgeons at his stage of career, he simply wanted to sleep when he got home. Diana threw herself into the almost aggressive normalcy of his existence.

New documentary claims that the love of Princess Diana’s life is not who you think

A cardiac heart surgeon, Kahn dated Princess Diana from to Rather than following in his father’s footsteps, Hasnat grew up to pursue a medical career. As a junior heart surgeon in England, Khan worked 90 hour weeks for a modest salary. It was during this time that he would meet his famed love interest, Diana, Princess of Wales. As of , Khan has continued his medical career at Basildon University Hospital in Essex, England, as a cardiothoracic surgeon on a consulting basis.

Scheduled for September of that year, he intended to take a year and a half-long unpaid sabbatical from the hospital.

Diana, during her final days, was pursuing a doctor who could not commit Diana’s true love was British-Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan, not him jealous by dating others, including a Thailand-based electronics mogul, Gulu Lalwani. engagement between Dodi and Diana, her heart was still for Khan.

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Princess Diana Once Dated a Politician Who Wanted to Make Her the First Lady of USA

New details have emerged about a secret romance friends say the late Princess Diana had after ending it with Prince Charles but before dating Dodi Al Fayed. And it wasn’t just any relationship. The man involved was supposedly Diana’s “true love,” according to Vanity Fair , which has a cover story on Diana and her alleged mystery man out this month. Diana and Hasnat reportedly dated between and , before she was introduced to Fayed.

Diana died Aug. Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Hasnat’s distant cousin Imran Khan and a dear friend of Diana, revealed the details to the magazine.

Explore the Diana movie true story as we compare the film and the Diana movie Princess Diana (right) was introduced to the heart surgeon Dr. Did Princess Diana really date Dodi Al Fayed to make Hasnat Khan jealous?

But not only charity trips and official meetings were associated with this country. What do we know about the doctor of Pakistani origin, for whom Lady Dee almost left her native England forever? When it comes to the personal life of Princess Diana, they primarily recall the magnificent wedding of an year-old girl drowning in silk and lace.

Then the ashes come to mind, remaining on the site of a seemingly fabulous marriage with Prince Charles. And only then – the interior of the black Mercedes, in which Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed rushed along the Seine towards the Alma tunnel on the fateful August night of , writes Woman. The red hair of a stately cavalry officer served as an occasion for rumors and speculation, because it was his part of the British who considered Prince Harry to be the biological father, despite the fact that Diana and James denied everything.

Only a few will remember the foggy figure, which seems to be behind the scenes of all the numerous love stories of Lady Dee.

Diana’s Impossible Dream

Most royal fans believe that Princess Diana was truly in love with her husband, but he only had eyes for someone else — his current wife and former mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles. The other name inevitably linked to Princess Diana is Dodi Fayed. Her new lover of a few months was with Diana in the car the night of the infamous car accident in Paris. He died instantly.

Diana was 35 when she met year-old heart surgeon Hasnat Khan in up the courage to ask her out—on an unlikely date for a princess.

Princess Diana will be forever linked with Dodi Fayed, the man with whom she was having a fling at the time of her tragic death, but according to those who knew her best, her heart belonged to a British-Pakistani doctor. They had separated in , bringing to an end a fairy-tale union that had captivated the world, and Diana was living alone in Kensington Palace.

She had shared custody of her and Charles’s sons, William, then 13, and Harry, The dedicated cardiac surgeon had worked in Sydney for a while before he moved to London where he worked hour weeks. Princess Diana in London on Nov. As Diana continued to visit Joseph on a regular basis at the hospital, she and Hasnat struck up a friendship. Hasnat then plucked up the courage to ask her out—on an unlikely date for a princess.

Dodi Al Fayed: Who Was Princess Diana’s Boyfriend?

Diana reportedly considered marrying ‘love of her life’ Hasnat Khan and moving to Pakistan – but their secret relationship collapsed spectacularly in the summer before her tragic death. The People’s Princess was learning a new way of existing and was able to stand on her own two feet without the trappings of royal life. Becoming an international superstar, newly single Diana had men falling at her feet, including Donald Trump.

But behind-the-scenes, a secret two-year relationship was collapsing as the romance spiralled out of control in the summer of There had been rumours for some time that Diana had been dating a heart surgeon after developing an obsession with heart surgery and taking a film crew with her to watch. Only the Princess’s closest confidantes knew about the relationship as Diana used clandestine methods to hide her relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Later, one of the many anonymous insiders will claim that Diana came up with a nickname for her lover. She fondly called him Natty or Mr.

Subscriber Account active since. She was first propelled into the national spotlight at the age of 20, when she wedded Great Britain’s Prince Charles at the age of However, Diana went on to become an international icon in her own right. Her sophisticated style dictated fashion trends. Her dedication to charitable causes won her admiration and accolades. Source: Royal. Source: People. Source: PopSugar , British Royals. Source: British Royals , PopSugar.

What If We Told You Princess Diana’s True Love Was Really a Heart Surgeon?

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Before Diana, Princess of Wales was linked with Dodi Al-Fayed, she was in a long-term relationship with a Pakistani heart surgeon who hated.

Apparently, that title is reserved for Dr. Hasnat Khan. Many royal experts believe that if Diana and Khan had stayed together, the Princess of Wales could have found happiness in this life instead of constant turmoil. Unfortunately, she had to break up with the man she loved so much due to forces beyond their control. The story goes that Diana met Dr. Khan while visiting the hospital with a friend in The first thing that attracted Diana to the doctor was that he paid almost no attention to her.

After years of being scrutinized and obsessed over, his indifference was a breath of fresh air for the Princess of Wales.

Royal – Diana – Affair Hasnat Khan 1995-97

It was an event which shocked the world: The Princess of Wales, one of the most recognized women on the planet, killed in a car accident in Paris. Diana was not the only fatality of the incident. The only survivor was bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who was hospitalized for two months with severe injuries. He has consistently maintained he does not remember much of the crash.

Dodi and the Princess of Wales had been dating for only a few months—and had spent only a handful of days together—before their untimely deaths.

The heart surgeon, 54, has said that the film, starring Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews, is based entirely “on hypotheses and gossip” and has.

Paul Burrell, who used to be Princess Diana’s butler, once revealed that among the many suitors Diana had after her divorce from Prince Charles, there was a U. S politician who promised he could make her the first lady. And she was allured by the idea. Burrell went as far as admitting that he was the go-between man between Diana and her several lovers, often smuggling men into the palace in the backseat of his car with a coat over them.

Some of her known romances were with James Hewitt, Will Carling, Hasnat Kahn, and of course, Dodi Al-Fayed, with whom she was the night of the car crash that ended both of their lives. S politician.

The romance between Princess Diana and the handsome doctor she fell in love with in the years