Multinational Force and Observers (SINAI) (MFO)

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Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the MFO remains actively engaged with the Treaty Parties, Egypt and Israel, and receives the full cooperation necessary to carry out our mission, including our monitoring and verification operations. For a sixth consecutive year, Japan has generously agreed to provide the MFO with supplemental funding in support of urgent needs. By January of , it became clear that the MFO would meet its deadline.

The Force would be in place by March 20, and the mission of the MFO would begin on April 25, , the day that Israel would return the Sinai to Egyptian sovereignty. This office, like its counterpart in Tel Aviv, began to lay the foundation for the procurement and diplomatic duties that would eventually take place in the two Receiving States.

During the first part of , the selection and training of military personnel took place in the Southern Pacific, the Americas and Western Europe as the ten Participating States and Norway prepared their contingents for deployment to the Sinai.

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International Operation Name: Multinational Force and Observers (MFO). International Operation Dates: /08/03 – Present. Mandating.

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AC is headquartered in Shymkent, an administrative capital of the Turkestan Region.

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The MFO generally operates in and around the Sinai peninsula. The accords provided for a full Israeli withdrawal from Sinai. Following the signing of the Egypt—Israel Peace Treaty on March 26, , the United Nations was asked to provide the peacekeeping forces for the Sinai Peninsula mandated in the treaty. The terms of the treaty required the presence of international peacekeepers to ensure that both Israel and Egypt kept to the provisions regarding military build-up along the border.

Initially, the peacekeeping force was provided by the U. Sinai Field Mission , while efforts were made to create a UN force. From to , the MFO’s North Camp was under threat from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — Sinai Province attacks and also “experienced periods of water and fuel shortages, and a near-total cut-off of internet access and mobile and landline phones during persistent Egyptian military operations.

Over the three decades that the MFO has carried out its mission, it has proven a highly successful force. The desire for peace on the part of both Egypt and Israel, combined with the effectiveness of the MFO, has resulted in a durable and lasting state of peace between these two nations.

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