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I frequently have the opportunity to acquire sets of vintage guitar and mandolin tuners. There are slot head tuners and solid head, s- s. All of the sets in this list are fully functional, any shortcomings of individual sets are described fully. The sets do not contain bushings unless specified. Contact me for pictures of sets that might interest you, but please be sure to reference the set number when emailing an inquiry.. Tuners I frequently have the opportunity to acquire sets of vintage guitar and mandolin tuners. These tuners were found most commonly on 00 and style Martins from about the middle of through the early 70s.

Dating Martin strings

So you need to figure out the date of your Martin guitar. It’s actually a lot easier than you may think. Unlike the nebulous web of varying schemes and numbering systems used by companies like Gibson over the decades, Martin has employed a single string of serial numbers for a vast majority of its guitars going all the way back to This means that just using the serial number of your Martin will give a very accurate date of when the guitar left the line.

If the serial number is legible the instrument can be relatively easy to date. It’s price tag was $55 as compared to the Martin D at $65 and D at $

GCS makes all sorts of cool strings for various instruments, and I liked their guitar strings a lot. And I like supporting artisans who produce unique products. We’ll see if these stick for a while. Martin factory in Nazareth, PA. Processed with Snapseed on a Mac. See more in black and white here. I recently visited the Martin guitar factory; it was my 5th time taking the tour, but my first time on the 2-hour “behind the scenes” tour.

I first visited Martin when I first moved to the east coast 12 years ago.

Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

By Cassie Carpenter For Dailymail. The three-time Grammy winner originally bought his ‘Sun Sessions’ guitar back in at O. Houck’s Piano Store in Memphis.

The last serial number produced each year is listed to the right of that Martin production year. Year Last Serial #.

User Name Remember Me? Hi all, Here’s a hypothetical question for you: Which guitar would you rather have? If someone were to offer you your choice of those two guitars – for free, no obligations – which would you choose? You can’t see or play either one in advance. The Martin D18 is all original, crack-free, in very good condition, and has had a neck reset. It has the beginnings of a slight pickguard separation.

If that’s all you know about them, and couldn’t play them, which would you choose? Is the bridge in the right place on the Martin? Was the bridge patch changed out for the huge rosewood one to a small maple? Was it refretted? I have yet to play one I would buy.

Elvis Presley’s 1942 Martin D-18 guitar sells for $1.32M at auction

Martin guitars are widely considered to be some of the greatest instruments in existence. While the brand has produced diverse types of guitars since their infancy in , their steel string flat-top guitars are the most sought-after. Known for their rich sound and superb build, many Martin guitars are high-ticket collectible items. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap replicas that capitalize off the Martin name.

This is why you have to pay attention to the Martin guitar serial numbers.

I was just given an old Martin four-string that dates to , but it also has 0-T5T stamped in the neck. Anyone know what that designates?

Martin guitar serial numbers will have between 4 and 7 serial numbers. The most common Martin serial numbers will have 6 digits due to an influx in serial quantities in the s and s. Serial numbers are on the neck block inside the sound hole, on the back of dating head-stock, or on the neck joint. Martin guitar serial numbers on earlier guitars are typically on the back of the head-stock.

Numbers causes used Martin guitars to show wear. Just over 2, guitars appeared on the market in this time. A considerable dip dating demand occurred inresulting in the company introducing a largest Martin guitar size and a fret design. So, Martin also dating using authentic elephant ivories, instead opting martin dating bindings and ebony bridges. These guitars mark the start of Martin making the switch from gut-string guitars to steel-string guitars.

Models with these Martin d18 serial numbers are often bigger and feature a warmer bass numbers to accompany vocals. Martin guitar serial numbers first appeared onto the neck block in. The company also began to include the model number directly above the serial number. Stamping on the head-stock officially stopped in. Used Martin guitars from this group are often the most valuable and sought-after by collectors.


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These numbers were used on Sigma-Martins back in Dating Your Martin Mandolin.

Sigma Guitars is a guitar manufacturing brand originally released by C. Martin as a line of guitars at affordable prices to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The Sigma line was discontinued by Martin in Since the U. They are distributed and sold in the U. Current range of Sigma instruments include acoustic and classical guitars, acoustic basses and ukuleles. American company C. Martin created the brand “Sigma” in order to compete with cheaper guitars that were imported from Asia.

The first Sigmas were typically dreadnought acoustic, although Grand Concert Series GCS and classical models were also produced from the early s ? D for dreadnought , R for rosewood , M for mahogany and the number denoting the grade of wood, 5, 7, 9, 11, Construction moved from Japan from —, to Korea from , to Taiwan in made in both Korea and Taiwan for the model year and finally Indonesia?

What Year Was My Martin Guitar Built?

The Martin D is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar made by C. It is widely regarded amongst luthiers and guitarists alike as being the classic and even iconic American made acoustic guitar. This guitar is a dreadnought design, a naval term adopted and used by many to describe its larger body dimensions, hence the “D” designation. When first created, the dreadnought guitar was seen as less favorable to the standard, smaller-sized guitars of its time.

Sales finally started to take off in , “when they were given a single illustration on page 12 in the company’s catalog, opposite a Hawaiian model. Introduced by Martin in , the D is prized for its booming projection and high quality tone.

I’ve seen these exact tuners on several Martin and style guitars This set has no ‘post hole’ on the inside facet of the tuner housing, dating the set to Set early 70s Grover Rotomatic tuners that were found on all Martin D

Beginning in the s, a Martin body size was designated as a number. In staying with customary sizing used by toolmakers and woodworkers, the higher the number on the left side of the dash, the smaller the size of a Martin guitar. Some models introduced in the twentieth century use letters for their size indicator. Martin Sr. So when they needed a larger size, Martin used Size 0 starting in It was considered large enough for a public concert.

The 00 size followed, as guitarists began to perform in larger halls, alongside banjos and the mandolin. Recent scholarship discovered 00s built as early as the However, the first mention of the 00 being available for sale does not appear in public records until , the same year C.

Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Headstocks of US models also use the Gibson headstock shape. Like everything else connected to instrument identification issues — there are many exceptions. In general, higher model numbers meant more binding and ornament. Higher numbers also meant more money. No binding, no inlay and no decoration. It was available with a brown finish and came as a snakehead or paddle headstock.

Here is an exceptional old Martin D18, sn , dating it to early This one has an incredible Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, almost zero.

Martin guitars are a prestigious, heritage acoustic guitar brand from the USA. The company was founded in in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and has made world class acoustic guitars ever since. They are the creators of the dreadnought guitar, arguably the most popular acoustic guitar design in existence. We one of the UK’s largest authorised Martin dealers. We have multiple showrooms through the country stocked with a full range of these guitars.

Our Glasgow, London and Birmingham stores even have dedicated acoustic departments.

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