Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust

Receive all updates delivered directly to your email inbox. I started using this pie crust recipe, so many years ago. Use a pastry blender to blend all the dry ingredients with the shortening. This is a major key in making sure your crust turns out perfect. Keep blending until the shortening is the size of small peas. For the cold water, I add an ice cube to a bowl of water. Measure out 5 Tablespoons of cold water and add to the dough. Add in the 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 beaten egg. Then mix everything well with your hands. Lightly flour your counter or board and moving the rolling pin around, try keeping the dough in a circle.

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Mini Pie Plate Set, Set of 4

Stay Connected: Sign up for Our Newsletter. Pioneer Woman and I go way back…to the beginning of blogging…or at least when I discovered this thing called blogs. I used to follow and read every story and drool over many of her recipes, so when she declared she was publishing her first cookbook, I HAD to have it.

For the Perfect Pie Crust: Combine the flour, salt, shortening, and butter in a large bowl. Using a pastry cutter, gradually work it all together until the mixture.

I was going to make the most of my favorite months this year and my big plans included, but were not limited to—sipping warm apple cider by the fireplace, getting lost in a corn maze, driving aimlessly along winding roads to view the magnificent foliage, carving funny faces in unsuspecting pumpkins, bumping up and down on a hayride, and of course, picking apples in a sprawling orchard.

In less than an hour, my entire home was filled with the most incredible apple-cinnamon aroma that lasted late into the night. And the combination of buttery, melt-in-your mouth crust and tangy-sweet apples somehow made up for all of my missed fall plans—even that apple picking trip! So try it for yourself with a heaping scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. This amazing recipe is a fall treat that can be enjoyed any time of year! In a large bowl, stir together the apples, flour, lemon juice, granulated sugar, brown sugar, and salt.

Set aside. Fold over the edge of each crust so that it covers 2 to 3 inches of the apple mixture. No need to be artistic—the more rustic the better. Dot the tops of the pies with chunks of butter. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, until the filling is golden and bubbly. If the crust appears to brown too quickly, cover the edges with aluminum foil for the remaining baking time.

If not, just allow enough room between racks so the heat can circulate properly. Add in the shortening.

Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie

By Ree Drummond. Dec This recipe. Advertisement – Continue Reading …. This Ree Drummond pie crust recipe is no exception.

Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Pie is literally the best chocolate pie you will ever put in your mouth. This will be my favorite recipe for years to come.

This is a Pecan Pie recipe worthy of making for any and every occasion. The filling is amazing. Because of this, I have a bit of Pie Phobia. The gooey stuff comes next. Mix all of the gooey stuff together and pour it over the pecans. Ree explains that the pecans will float to the top. So my son and I sat there and watched…. Now you cover the pie with some foil, bake for about 35 minutes, then pull off the foil and bake for about another 30 minutes. Pecan Pie- Ta Da!

Sylvia’s Perfect Pie Crust

There is never any leftovers and I always get asked for the recipe. Please note: this recipe contains raw eggs. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. I normally use store bought pie crust, and when I do make my own, I use a crust that calls for butter. I love the fluffy, rich chocolate mousse with the homemade whipped cream. French Silk Pie is a rich and decadent American dessert recipe not actually French that consists of a whipped chocolate mousse filling nestled in a flaky pie crust and topped with fluffy whipped cream.

I normally use store bought pie crust, and when I do make my own, I use a crust Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman has uploaded photos to Flickr. this French Silk Pie recipe back in the dark ages of , and it remains one of.

Food Storage Recipes. I have struggled over the years to make a quality pie crust. Eventually, I just avoided it by using pre-made or refrigerated store bought pie crusts when necessary or even completely store bought pies at times. They were seriously lacking. Note — The links in this post are affiliate links meaning if you purchase after clicking on them, I will be given a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Learn more here about how I am and am not compensated , and thank you for your support of me and my family! The only change I made to her recipe was to use powdered eggs instead of fresh eggs. So, now you can have perfect pie crust even if you are out of eggs! Lightly mix flour, salt, and powdered scrambled egg mixture with a fork. Then add shortening, and begin cutting it into flour mixture. I used a knife and fork and it worked just fine.

But if you have a fancy pastry cutter , you should use it. It will take less time.

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Serves: Updated. System: US Metric. Share f a e. This recipe, sent to me by my friend Sylvia, is absolutely, positively a keeper.

Drummond has an amazing arsenal of recipes that she’s shared with the world on her Food Network show The Pioneer Woman, but there’s one.

I receive recipes from readers quite frequently, and I read each and every one. The Cast of Characters: Crisco vegetable shortening , flour, salt, water, vinegar, and egg. Oh, how could anything so right ever go wrong? Butter simply will not work. And what is UP with my finger in this photo? How scary does THAT look? And find your pastry cutter. It really is an essential tool when it comes to pie crust. I just know it. Basically, there should be no large chunks of shortening left; it should all be integrated into the flour.

Or the flour should be integrated into the shortening. Just incorporate the ingredients, man. Now stick your big claw into the bowl and remove one-third of the dough.

Southwest Homestead

The other day she made a chicken pot pie with a puff pastry topping that looked so good that I had to make it. I think the biscuit top is the best pot pie topping because the top gets crispy but the part that touches the filling gets soaked in the sauce so that when you take a bite, you get a mix of crunchy and soft that is amazing.

This recipe is easy but it can take a little while if you make the chicken the same day because the chicken bakes for 2 hours in the oven to get shredded. You can make this shorter though by cooking the chicken in advanced and keeping it in the fridge or using a rotisserie chicken. For the biscuit topping, you can also use frozen biscuits, which is what my Dad used to do. I like to make a quick biscuit dough and piece it together on top because it all bakes together into one uniform crust on top and gets crunchy.

Chicken Pot Pie-Pioneer Woman’s Recipe I love Chicken Pot Pie, it has always been one of my go to comfort foods, it will never be.

But at least it tastes good. Peach Cobbler heads up the summertime cookouts where Ree declares cobbler to be a very controversial subject. She just might be my soul sister. And I like a sister who will feed me good food and make me laugh all at the same time. When deciding what I might make from her book, I had plenty of choices thanks to the recipes packed into pages. But in a good, cleanse-your-soul way.

Pumpkin Pie by The Pioneer Woman

My mom is known for her ice cream pie. Select All. But if you’re a lover of all things bananas, we’re afraid you’re out of luck in Ree-town. Chocolate, strawberries and vanilla ice cream come together beautifully in this luscious frozen pie.

This chocolate peanut butter pie, inspired by a recipe from the Food Network’s Peanut butter and oreo goodness all in one amazing dessert.

After my last recipe, Lemon Meringue Pie , I got a lot of compliments from family and friends. There was just a little BUT though okay, maybe a big one. Basically, you can use any crust you want. However, the one I use for the Lemon Meringue Pie is actually a very slight adaptation of a recipe that I came across on one of my favorite blogs The Pioneer Woman. She writes about a lot of things, one of them, food.

But I have to say, she is right about the Crisco, it does make a difference. Add the butter and the Crisco. And the icing sugar. And add vinegar and the ice cold water to the egg mixture.

Super Flakey Pie Crust!